Thursday, October 13, 2016

REVIEW – Beardeur Beard Kit

I've never been one to put much time into maintaining my beard beyond the basics; keep it clean, comb it, and trim when needed. It worked for me, and I never thought I needed anything more, never saw the point.

The few similar products I had tried before either did nothing at all, or had minor effect, and most had scents I didn't like or were quite expensive. After trying this oil and brush kit however, I may have to re-think that idea.

While there were no spectacular results, I did notice an improvement it the feel of my beard. Before, my beard had been very course with stiff hairs, but since I started using the Beardeur Beard Kit, I have noticed that my beard is feeling softer. The skin underneath my beard also feels better, not feeling as dry.

This is definitely an improvement in my book, even though it may not be a huge one. It may not have made my beard look any better, but it certainly feels better. The scent is relatively mild, and is not unpleasant, and applying it is simple and fast. The previous beard products I tried rarely saw use beyond the first week, but I'll be using this one every day. #beardeur

This product was provided for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair, honest and unbiased review. I received no financial compensation for this review. The opinion expressed is 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Review by Judy Perry
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